A Further Step -The Journey Continues


The Journey Continues

A couple of weeks after our first forays into the field, an opportunity arose to play music – with and without labels – to a group of open-minded friends at a meeting hall close to our home in Tavistock. I volunteered to give a talk entitled ‘What is Reality?’ and used the kitchen ghetto-blaster and the pizzica track as my stage props.

I gave a brief résumé of Bill’s work but, without too much of an explanation about what to expect, I went through a similar routine to the process that I had undertaken for ourselves.   Dowsing at home the day before the talk, I had been given the indication that at least some of those attending would hear something. What I was not expecting was that just about everyone heard the music to sound differently with one of Bill’s labels in place. Several of my colleagues even used similar words to describe the experience, including ‘greater clarity’ and ‘better tone’ to the female vocals, and ‘a greater separation of the instruments’ in the sound image. I was pleasantly and genuinely surprised.

One of the group was the person who first taught me to dowse – a man who has remained both a good friend and a great mentor over the years. He is a free thinker, with his own ideas about the nature of earth energy dowsing – and a man not afraid to speak up when he feels others are talking nonsense. He not only heard a significant difference, but he also felt that the change appreciated over time (and, at that point, I had not described Bill’s idea of building in a repetitive cycling aspect to the labels – which we will describe in a subsequent chapter – that is intended to produce exactly that effect!)

If that wasn’t excitement enough for one short session, another colleague, a local healer and very experienced Cornwall-based dowser, was the one person to say that he was unsure if he had heard anything. He is also someone with his own views on the non-physical, and another fellow traveller, whom I am sure would not agree with my ideas just to make polite conversation.

To confirm whether he had actually dowsed anything using his hearing, he reverted to his more tried and trusted conventional tool – the pendulum. His dowsing indicated that he had indeed heard a slight improvement in the quality of the sound, but only by about 2%. Given that we were in a public hall, listening to a musical style none of those present (except myself) would ever have heard previously, a 2% improvement would have been hard to pin down by hearing alone.

However, his further important input was that his dowsing indicated that ‘typically’ people would experience about a 7% improvement with the use of an appropriate label in such circumstances.

My own subsequent dowsing implies that about 25% of a broad cross-section of people will hear no change, or next to no change, with around 10% hearing an improvement or 10% or more – tailing off to zero hearing around a 30% improvement. (So, this indicates that someone, somewhere, could be receiving almost a 30% improvement in perceived sound quality, just by sticking one of Bill’s labels on the power cable of an aging ghetto-blaster!)

Asking, by dowsing, about my own perception, it seems that typically I appear to experience a 5-6% enhancement, while Ros gets around a 7-8% boost.  However, as we all know, dowsing can be a hugely subjective craft.  I urge anyone reading this paper to both try out the labels described in the Do It Yourself section, and to apply their own dowsing to the results.

Knowing that dowsing tends to defy repeatability in group situations, I was very unsure if I should attempt even a small-scale experiment such as this. However, my own dowsing indicated that it would be successful, and that proved to be the case. Whether we can scale it up to a room full, or even a hall full of participants, time alone will tell. I will consult the rods when a suitable opportunity presents itself!


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Nigel Twinn 2015

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