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Billy Gawn’s ‘Informational Dowsing’

The work of the renowned dowser from Northern Ireland, Billy Gawn, is pivotal to an understanding of the phenomena described on this website. However, his entry to the debate was somewhat tangential.

Having spent decades looking into the seemingly inexplicable experience of improved audio perception using typed labels on hifi components and power cables, Bill Kenny had filed away his Sound Information dossier in the mental drawer, conceptually marked ‘Interesting, but too hard!’. That was, until Nigel Twinn (NT) came along.

In the autumn of 2014, NT arrived in Chumleigh, in darkest mid-Devon, on a cold Tuesday evening, to give a talk on a biography that he had helped to compile a couple of years earlier.  The book wasBeyond the Far Horizon – Why earth energy dowsing works – and it concerned the life and work of Billy Gawn.

Billy is a farmer and builder from Ulster, who has been dowsing for longer than most dowsers have been alive. The vast majority of his long dowsing ‘career’ has been spent in the green fields of his homeland and, although his work deserves much greater attention, he is a very modest man.  Consequently, few outside the niche world of divining have even heard of him – and that is a great pity, because his work and ideas are as exciting and thought-provoking as he is humble.

Billy Gawn

Billy Gawn

Billy is perhaps best known for his seminal work on the involvement of moving underground water in the generation of detrimental energy – and the subsequent methods of dealing with this negativity, at least in the human realm, by the accurate positioning of (what we would now call) megaliths.

Billy has spent a lifetime developing such practical solutions to seemingly intransigent problems and, almost as a byproduct, has also stumbled across some ground-breaking hypotheses.

However, he has also developed a unique ability to work through the sometimes laborious process of dowsing by yes/no responses to carefully-crafted questions. He has put down his rods and has taught his eye muscles to do what the wrist muscles of practitioners do when they are employing traditional dowsing instruments such as L-rods or pendulums.

Effectively, this means he can ‘see’ the answers to his dowsing questions (albeit with his eyes shut!).  This is actually a lot less weird in practice than it sounds in print – and it has enabled him to raise the platform from which he asks for his information by a whole storey.

Most pertinently to this case, it also enables him ask the critical question ‘Is there anything else I should know about this issue?’ – and to be shown an ‘image’, perhaps a little metaphorically, as to where his research should next be directed. This has made him, arguably, one of the most valuable, and most experienced, dowsers of the modern era.

While the full story of the unfolding of this revelation is described in Beyond the Far Horizon, the relevance to Sound Information is that Billy has dowsed that ‘beneath’ or ‘within’ the level of stuff, there is a level of ‘energy’ (which is very much in line with the direction of flow of emerging science).  However, his insight has taken him one stage further, to appreciate that everything – even sub-atomic particles, even energy – are underpinned by a ‘level’ or ‘realm’ of interactive information.  This is very much at the cutting edge of scientific hypothecation, but it is just starting to make an occasional appearance on the outer fringes of both scientific and of philosophical thought.

Billy’s conceptual leap could help to forge a workable explanation for the basis of all dowsing  i.e. that it is the quest for data from the informational level.  In other words we are, potentially, not dowsing for ‘stuff’ at all – but for the information that stuff is there.  In the end, we may not be trying to detect and measure some mythical and improbable field of radiation, but we could well be directly divining information about the location and form of the target in question
Using this scenario, map dowsing and remote healing suddenly come back out of the ‘too strange to be true’ bin, and take their rightful place in the everyday portfolio of widespread human experience – and Sound Information suddenly acquires a new angle of approach.  If we are listening for information rather than simply energetic vibration, could this be the first chink in the armour of the ring-fence that is preventing our understanding of how we might be able to ‘hear’ music more clearly than it might have seemed when originally broadcast or recorded?  It certainly re-awakened Bill Kenny’s interest in the subject.

While dowsers and philosophers have an unavoidably laid back approach to ‘proof’, it’s still very welcome to come across a potential validation mechanism for a personal experience; one that is very hard indeed to dismiss merely as repeated misinterpretation!


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