New Article On John Cage In MusicWeb International

Note: There’s a new, rather interesting and highly relevant article about John Cage today (28.11.2015) in MusicWeb International.  We hope that some of our visitors may find it helpful for the discussion in our Hearing and Listening Section. Bill Kenny

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5 Responses to New Article On John Cage In MusicWeb International

  1. Geoff C Mitchell says:

    It’s a sign!

  2. admin says:

    Perhaps we should check first whether they’re acute or obtuse ‘angles’ !

    Sorry , couldn’t resist.

  3. Geoff C Mitchell says:

    The scientist in me says we should look for some means to test a result. The dowser in me says that if I need to know I will be given guidance and direction. The dichotomy is that my Guardian Angles say help will be given to those who help themselves! Geoff

  4. admin says:

    Thanks Geoff.

    Part of the purpose of this site is to help us learn more about visitors experiences so I’d quite like to wait a while before trying to answer your last question. It may be that different people really do have very different ‘ listening styles’ – and so because of this, individual responses could turn out to be even more varied than might reasonably be expected.

    I once asked Mrs. Belt if there was an upper limit to the improvements expected from using PWB Electronics products. ‘I genuinely don’t know,’ she said. ‘We haven’t found one. And while common sense says that there ought to be some sort of limit, common sense also says that our products shouldn’t work at all !’

    All rather like dowsing as a whole, I guess. Best wishes, Bill

  5. Geoff C Mitchell says:

    Very good point…. subtle as it is…

    Anecdote 356: When I was 14 (C. 1962) I put together an amplifier and arranged a microphone circuit to drive it plus some early style high impedance (4000 ohm) headphones for the listening end. The set-up was special in that I was using a 1920 era triode valve with, headphones in the anode circuit supplied by a “Winner” 120V battery. The input was biased by a grid bias battery via a loud speaker matching transformer. The microphone was ex WWII black bakerlite saucepan style which had a carbon granule insert, which also needed a battery to drive a current through it into the LS transformer.

    The whole arrangement had a lot of gain. It was a fine lazy summer day on the back lawn when I powered it all up for the first time. I’m not sure I could hear a pin drop at 100 yards, but it felt like it! Suddenly the world sprung alive… what I thought was a quiet day was in my face; well, ears actually. It was as though I could hear for the first time; a real revelation.

    I put it down to the fact that 1/ I’d never appreciated my built-in noise cancelling hearing system before 2/ the mono sound made everything come from one direction… almost directly into my head missing out my ears on the way in.

    This could still be set up today and is mostly the provence of bird call enthusiasts… I’d recommend a trial if you have never had a go!

    Anecdote 357: I aquired a trusty valve FM radio chassis which I used for general listening; good quality, but mono. So I made up a transistorised stereo decoder for it from a Wireless World magazine article instruction. Again I slipped on the stereo headphone set and switched it all on for the first time and wow!

    My first experience of a stereo soundscape of an orchestral work whist sitting in a darkened room at home…. I could place instrument positions in the sound stage! Again; I had lived in a stereo world listening to mono sounds and these were persistently monophonic up to that point. What a revelation!

    So do these two events really only show the contrasting moment in life. I take stereo TV (etc.) for granted now, and the excitement has all faded into the mundane. So, for me, being born when I was gave me the opportunity to experience this effect as a genuine discovery.

    This has applied to many other life spotting areas, and has applied to my dowsing experience too. Now that I’m party to what makes for success, (not so easy to describe) I’m falling into the mundane mode and just getting on with it; without getting self-concious. In fact I’m more shocked at my instant results than the fact that I can do it at all!

    Dowsing does give one a new angle on life, the benefits of which one would feel should be “taught in school”, but should we push this? The real “conversion” comes when you twig what’s going on for yourself. So I’m in favour of taking horses to the water and leaving them to it. Don’t give lengthy excuses as to why it does/ is not working; explain what to do and kick them off the poolside!

    How long will this Black Final” last before we become confused by what is, and isn’t, a good sound?


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