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Yes, It’s me again – Still Hearing England Swing.

Welcome to the Sound Information Blog.  We will use this space to keep readers up to date with developments on the Sound Information site.

In return we hope that our readers will use it for discussion, thoughts and queries about the site’s content.

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We look forward to some lively debates.

Best wishes,

Bill Kenny and  Nigel  Twinn

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4 Responses to The Sound Information Blog

  1. Geoff C Mitchell says:


    Did you get my email?


  2. Geoff C Mitchell says:

    Nigel (Bill),

    Great stuff! Any chance you could be free to give us a lecture on this (or anything else if it comes to that) at a Waverley Dowsers evening event next year? We now have a fighting fund and are putting together our new season’s activities calender.
    I’ve tried to contact you on the normal email channel and suspect you have lost me somewhere. Have more copy for DT if needed.

    Now Ken and I are up for the full works on this, but I’m wondering about some of our other members finding it all a bit heavy going? With me, working on the fact that I see life as a jigsaw, I’m happy to squirrel away information for later processing… sometimes a lot later. E.G. back in the late 60’s my Austin A40 had a nice MW mono radio fitted as standard and one evening I was accompanied by a Composer friend who commented on the very good quality of an orchestral piece being played. It always stuck in my mind that there was my perception that the reasonable quality of the sound was in no way HiFi and thought his comment odd (all a bit snobbish on my behalf)!. The only way I could explain it, and that applies even more now, is that as an orchestral man himself, he was recreating all the instruments in his head and was acting rather like the Midi player on a computer sound card.

    All sound systems finally blacked up! I shall cogitate on this stuff!

    Grateful for your thoughts,


    • admin says:


      Good to hear from you. Yes, happy to do a demo at some point – and it wouldn’t be a lecture as such, but it could be an inter-active discussion, which could be as light or heavy as you wish.

      As you will see, it’s a bit difficult to avoid the more profound stuff entirely, as the practise leads straight back into the theory.

      Contact me again by email, and we suggest a few dates. I usually try to double up with other work or visits to miminise the carbon a bit, but all things a re possible.

      Please let me know how you heard about our site, as we are only just getting underway, and it will help us to understand what people are using that links in to us.

      Also, please let us know your own findings by using the labels on your own equipment.

      Kind regards,

      Nigel (and Bill!)

  3. admin says:


    I like the picture and the caption.

    Maybe one has to be of a certain age to remember Roger Miller,
    but I’m sure it will bring a smile to most of our catchment!


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